Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nikolaev, Ukraine: Basic Russian words and phrases

Do your friends or relatives live in Nikolaev, Ukraine? Would you like to visit them? We’d like to help you impress your relatives and friends while staying in Nikolaev, Ukraine. We advise you to learn some Russian phrases and words. So it’ll be easier for you to communicate with your close people.

We’ll gladly help you in a case you are going to Nikolaev, Ukraine and you don’t know Russian. Please note we’ll teach you some Russian words and not Ukrainian ones. Sounds strange, isn’t it? You are going to Ukraine but you have to learn some Russian words. The case is that most people who live in Nikolaev, Ukraine speak Russian and not Ukrainian. No doubt Ukrainian is a national language all over Ukraine but those people who live in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine prefer Russian. It’s influenced by the historical background of our country. Probably this language situation will change in some time but you have to know some Russian words and stable expressions while visiting Nikolaev in the nearest future.

Here are some Russian phrases and Russian words that’ll help you feel comfortable while visiting Nikolaev, Ukraine.

English Phonetic Translation Russian

Hello Privet Привет
How do you do? Kak djela? Как дела?
What’s your name? Kak tjebja zovut? Как тебя зовут?
What time is it now? Skol’ko vrjemja? Сколько время?
You are very beautiful. Ty prekrasna Ты прекрасна
I like you. Ty mnje nravishsja Ты мне нравишься
I love you. Ja tjebja ljublju Я тебя люблю
I'm sorry Mnje zhal’ Мне жаль
Thank you Spasibo Спасибо
Nice to meet you Prijatno poznakomitsja Приятно познакомится
It’s tasty Vkusno Вкусно
I like your smell Mnje nravitsja tvoj zapah Мне нравится твой запах
Beautiful eyes Krasivyje glaza Красивые глаза
You are welcome Pozhalujsta Пожалуйста
Good morning Dobroje utro Доброе утро
Good day Dobryj den' Добрый день
Good evening Dobryj vjecher Добрый вечер
I like Nikolaev Mnje nravitsja Nikolaev Мне нравится Николаев
I like your country Mnje nravitsja Ukraina Мне нравится Украина
I like the weather Mnje nravitsja pogoda Мне нравится погода
How much is it? Skol’ko stoit? Сколько стоит
Let’s go Pojdjem Пойдём
Please (please give me…) Pozhalujsta (daj mnje…) Пожалуйста (дай мне…)
With pleasure S udovol'stvijem С удовольствием
I agree Ja soglasen Я согласен
I hope we'll meet again Nadjejus’ my snova vstrjetimsja Надеюсь мы снова встретимся
What a pity Kak zhal’ Как жаль
It's a beautiful day. Kakoj prekrasnyj den’ Какой прекрасный день!
I don’t understand Ja nje ponimaju Я не понимаю

You can learn some of these words and word combinations and your trip to Nikolaev, Ukraine will be a very pleasant experience. These words will help you to overcome the language barrier and feel more comfortable and secure.

If you would like to know more Russian words before you travel to Nikolaev, Ukraine we’ll gladly help you. Just comment this post with the Russian words and phrases you are interested in and we’ll give you the phonetic translation.

Hope our post will be useful for you and the words you learn will help you understand Ukrainian people better. We wish you to have a nice stay while visiting Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Variety of flowers and gifts to be sent to Nikolaev, Ukraine

Sending flowers and gifts to Nikolaev, Ukraine is the best way to show your care for your friends and relatives who live there. Luckily there is a wide choice of flowers and gifts which can be sent to Nikolaev, Ukraine. So let’s see what these flowers and gifts are.

First of all we should speak about roses. They are sent to Nikolaev, Ukraine more often than the other flowers. Long stem roses look very impressive. In fact there are different colors of roses to choose from: red roses, white roses, pink roses, yellow roses, and etc. There are also different kinds of red and pink roses: light or dark ones.
Gerberas are also popular in Nikolaev, Ukraine. The most popular colors for these flowers are red and pink. Sometimes you can find yellow gerberas. These flowers look really nice and they can be a perfect gift for any holiday or just to say hello.
White lilies and pink lilies are very tender flowers and they also look great. Lilies are the flowers that smell very nice. They are very original and attractive. Lilies are the flowers that can be chosen for different occasions such as birthday greeting, asking for apologize or wishing a nice day. Whatever the occasion is these flowers can be easily sent to Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Chrysanthemums are also wonderful flowers. They stay fresh even longer than roses. There are available in different colors: pink, white, yellow, purple and etc. Chrysanthemums look bright and so elegant.
If you want to present an original flower arrangement you should think of sending a flower bouquet. There can be different kinds of bouquets: bunch of chrysanthemums, bunch of gerberas, bunch of lilies, bunch of roses and lilies, bunch of roses and chrysanthemum, and etc.
And now let’s speak about the other gifts. There is so much you can send you Nikolaev, Ukraine and make the life of your special ones a happier…

Different kinds of fruits can be a great holiday or birthday gift. To name just a few kinds of fruits which can be delivered to Nikolaev, Ukraine; oranges, apples, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, pears, and etc. You know some years ago there weren’t so many fruits available in Nikolaev, Ukraine. People were buying the fruits which were grown in Ukraine only. Those were such fruits as apples, pears, cherry, plums, water melons and etc. Luckily the times have changed and you can purchase any fruit you like while visiting Nikolaev, Ukraine. Of course you can send any fruit as well. Still fruits are often associated with holidays here in Nikolaev. Even those people who can’t afford buying fruits every day buy them for different holidays.
Chocolates… This word means so much for girls and ladies. They love its flavor and its taste. So it’s great that you can send different kinds of chocolates, candies and chocolate bars to Nikolaev, Ukraine. You are to decide if you want to order milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with nuts, a box of allsorts or any other kind of chocolate.
You can also send various drinks, soft toys, tasty cakes, fruit baskets, chocolate baskets and etc to Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Whatever flowers or gifts you choose to send to Nikolaev, Ukraine they’ll impress your close people by its freshness, tenderness and elegance. Don’t hide your feelings! Show them having sent some flowers and gifts to the people you care about. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap flowers and gifts delivery service you can visit Flowers 2 Nikolaev .com.

Children's Town Fairy Tale in Nikolaev, Ukraine

We go on telling about Nikolaev, Ukraine and its must-visit places. Today we’d like to speak about Nikolaev children’s playground. It’s called Children’s Town Fairy Tale and it’s located in the center of Nikolaev, Ukraine. Reading our post you’ll see some pictures. They’ve been taken in Nikolaev Children’s Town. Hope they’ll help you feel the positive spirit of this place and you’ll be motivated to come here in a case you visit Nikolaev, Ukraine.

So Nikolaev Children’s Town Fairy Tale is a special place in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Children are constantly asking to bring them here because each time they come to this playground they meet friends, play different games, and smile. Children tell that they’ll behave in the best way if their parents agree to visit children playground with them. Seems Nikolaev Children’s Town keeps a great part of children’s happiness.

Children’s Town Fairy Tale is one of the most visited parks in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Let’s name some places of interest situated in this amusement park: a real locomotive, a big ship, a wooden village and etc. A large castle attracts children by its mystery and unusual architecture. Each child feels like in ancient times while visiting this place. As soon as you enter wooden village you feel yourself in the past when each house was made of wood. No one can stand from laughing while visiting Laughter Room with false mirrors. Everyone looks really funny being too tall, too short, too slim and too fat. No doubt all children who live in Nikolaev, Ukraine enjoy visiting all above mentioned places.

Having come to Fairy Tale children go on swings, ride on a merry-go-round, drive children’s cars, go trampoline and do whatever they want. So in a case you or your friends who live in Nikolaev, Ukraine have children you should definitely bring them to the Fairy Tale. Children will be really grateful to you.

Being tired you can visit a small café called Fairy Tale. It’s also situated in the center of Nikolaev, Ukraine and it’s very close to the children’s playground. Just 3 minutes by foot. You can have rest in the cafe in a case you spend a lot of energy in the amusement park.

So Children’s Town Fairy Tale is a wonderful amusement park located in Nikolaev, Ukraine. It’s a place where you can have fun and meet friends. Children adore spending their free time there. You are welcomed to visit Nikolaev Children’s Town Fairy Tale while visiting to Nikolaev, Ukraine.Hope our post was interesting to read. Feel free to come back to our blog in a case you want to learn more about Nikolaev, Ukraine.