Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nikolaev, Ukraine: the city of shipbuilders

Nikolaev is the administrative center of the Nikolaev Region. The population of Nikolaev is more than half million people. Sometimes Nikolaev is called Mykolaiv, but still it’s the same city :-)

Nikolaev, Ukraine is famous for being the city of shipbuilders. Nikolaev was founded in 1798. It means the city was built more than 200 years ago. At the beginning of its history Nikolaev, Ukraine was a shipyard. The main aim of creating this shipyard was building naval ships. Russian empress Catherine II used these ships during the times of Russian -Turkey war.

There are 3 shipbuilding factories in Nikolaev, Ukraine. During the times of the former Soviet Union Nikolaev was the second largest shipbuilding centre in the whole country. Currently not so many ships are being built in Nikolaev.

All ships which have been built in Nikolaev, Ukraine were created by true professionals of shipbuilding. Even now the ships which have been built in Nikolaev can be met in different parts of the world. Nikolaev shipbuilders have created a great number of wonderful ships: passenger ships, naval ships, research ships, dry-cargo ships and etc.

If you want to know more about the history of Nikolaev, Ukraine and shipbuilding you can visit Nikolaev Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet. You’ll get a chance to know more about this museum if you check back for our new posts.

Nikolaev, Ukraine is located close to the Black Sea (just 65 kilometers from the sea side). So in a case you visit the city in summer you can go to the Black Sea and have fun there. You can get to the sea side either in a car, taxi or by bus. Nikolaev, Ukraine is washed by the two rivers: the Southern Buh River and Inhul River. The city is situated on the peninsula. So you have great chances to spend some evenings sitting at the bank of the river and watching the sun set.

Nikolaev, Ukraine is a green southern city full of trees and flowers. It’s a very quiet and friendly city. Some time ago it was a closed city but now you’ll be a welcomed quest if you decide to come to Nikolaev. If to speak about weather Nikolaev winters are warm ones. Though, sometimes you can see snow here. Nikolaev summers are hot and full of sun.

In a case you would like to know more about Nikolaev, Ukraine you are welcomed to come back to our blog and read our future posts.