Friday, October 31, 2008

Museums in Nikolaev, Ukraine

Nikolaev Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet

Nikolaev, Ukraine
4 Admiral’skaya Street

Nikolaev Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet was created in 1978. This museum will tell you everything you should know about the city of Nikolaev and the history of Nikolaev shipbuilding. Almost every museum room shows different ship models.

The Museum is located in an ancient building, which is a monument of history and archeology of state significance. This building is of the same age with Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Today Nikolaev Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet is like a face of Nikolaev city. One may say, ”You haven’t seen Nikolaev, Ukraine if you haven’t visited its museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet”.

The exposition of 12 halls shows the stages of shipbuilding development in the Northern Black-Sea Region starting from ancient times, the process of Black Sea Fleet creation, shipyards’ development, represents the pages of shipbuilding history. The significant part of the exposition is devoted to the time when Nikolaev ands its shipyard were being built. Diorama “Vessels’ Building at Nikolaev Shipyard in the 1st quarter of XIX century” is one of most interesting exhibits in this museum.

If you still don’t know that Nikoalev yacht named “Ikar” has sailed all over the world since September 1987 to July 1988) you’ll definitely know it having visited Nikolaev Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet.

Note this museum is a must visit place for everyone who is interested in Nikolaev, Ukraine, its history and its main branch shipbuilding.

Nikolaev Local History Museum

Nikolaev, Ukraine
32 Dekabristov Street

Nikolaev Local History Museum was founded in 1913. Currently it’s a great place to know more about Nikolaev region, its culture, history and nature.

Each year Nikolaev Local History Museum shows for about 40 new exhibitions. All show-pieces have been brought from different parts of Nikolaev region. Professional guides will share their secrets with you. Unfortunately, the excursions are held in Russian only. Though, in a case you have a personal translator you’ll understand everything the guide tell you about Nikolaev, Ukraine. In a case you don’t have a personal translator you can watch the show-pieces by yourself. Usually they are very interesting and self-explaining. So you’ll definitely enjoy them and learn more about the natural, cultural and historical background of Nikolaev region.

The Museum’s collection contains more than 160 thousand units, among which there are unique collections of antique books, items of archeology, numismatics, natural history and ethnography.
Fine - Arts Museum named after V.V.Vereschagin

Nikolaev, Ukraine
47 Bol’shaya Morskaya Street

If you are interested in paining and sculpture you should visit Nikolaev Fine-Arts Museum named after V.V.Vereschagin. The time you’ll spend there will be really fascinating. You’ll see works by famous Ukrainian and Russian painters, ancient icons and household goods.

Nikolaev Fine - Arts Museum named after V.V.Vereschagin is like a mixture of different colors, different painters and different historical epochs.
Nikolaev, Ukraine will be pleased if you visit its museums and learn more about the history and culture of this Ukrainian city.

Travel to Nikolaev, Ukraine

Would you like to know more about Nikolaev, Ukraine? Would you like to find out what are the places of interest you can visit in our city? If so this post will be really useful for you.

Nikolaev is a small city. It’s situated in the southern part of Ukraine and its population is more than half million people. Nikolaev was founded like the city of shipbuilders in 1798.

There are a lot of places of interest in Nikolaev. For instance you can visit a lot of cinemas and two theatres. Nikolaev night clubs are also famous for their positive spirit and well-chosen music.
Nikolaev, Ukraine has a lot of parks where you can relax and breathe fresh air. These are Victory Park, Shevchenko Park (named after a famous Ukrainian poet), Park named after Petrovsky, and others. Having visited these parks you can see a lot of trees, flowers and monuments.

Visiting Nikolaev Zoo is also a great way to spend free time. I’ve already described Nikolaev Zoo in one of my previous posts. So in a case you want to know more about it you can read this post.
Nikolaev is also famous for its bridges. Standing on the bridge you can see Nikolaev in all its beauty. Note Nikolaev bridges are opened in a case a new ship is going for sale.

Nikolaev quay is one more must visit place. It’ll represent a wonderful picturesque in front of your eyes. This place is as popular in Nikolaev as Sovetskaya Street. Being the central Nikolaev Street Sovetskaya Street is a place where Nikolaev citizens spend their free time. Usually they go for a walk or meet their relatives and friends there.
If you like watching yachts you can visit our yacht club.

In a case you are tired you can visit any café or restaurant. The food that is served in Nikolaev, Ukraine is really various. Together with traditional Ukrainian and Russian cuisine you can try Japanese or Italian dishes. It depends on the restaurant, café or pizzeria you choose to visit. The prices are also quite different. It can be $8 for a pizza and tea or $40 and even more if you prefer a famous restaurant. Of course you’ll have to pay in Ukrainian ghryvnas but there are hundreds of places you can exchange money in Nikolaev Ukraine. Some of them are situated in the central street of Nikolaev; Sovetskaya Street to be exact.

Going to the bank of the river is one more way to spend a romantic evening; especially in a case you visit Nikolaev, Ukraine in spring or summer. These seasons make our city brighter and even more beautiful.

Though, you shouldn’t be sad if you are going to come to Nikolaev, Ukraine in winter. A recently built skating-rink is a great place to have fun. Considering the fact that skating-rink has been built just a few years ago it’s a very popular place for Nikolaev people. They come there alone or take their families and children with them. Youth is really happy to have such a stunning entertainment. Note skating-rink doesn’t work in summer. So you should feel lucky to have visited Nikolaev, Ukraine in autumn, winter or spring.

There are also a lot of different museums in Nikolaev, Ukraine but I’ll tell about them in my next articles.

So you are welcomed to revisit our blog and read more about Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Nikolaev Zoo

Nikolaev Zoo is famous like the best Zoo in Ukraine. So visiting Nikolaev, Ukraine you should definitely spend some time in its wonderful Zoo. Zoo’s inhabitants will amuse you and help you become close to the nature.

Nikolaev Zoo was founded by N. Levontovich in 1901. Since that time Nikolaev Zoo has been a good home for different animals, birds, fishes and etc. Nikolaev Zoo has a great number of inhabitants. To name just a few of them: bears, wolves, foxes, alligators, tigers, lions, bisons, deers, camels, goats, monkeys, squirrels, peacocks, parrots, fly-birds, eagles, anacondas and many other.

Here are some pictures taken in Nikolaev Zoo but browsing pictures will never substitute seeing animals in the real life.

Today Nikolaev Zoo comprises 3777 kinds of animals and for about 2800 animal units. 80 kinds of animals who live there are included into IUCN Red List. Nikolaev Zoo has the largest collection of animals and it always welcomes new visitors and everyone who enjoys coming to this place again and again.

If you want to see everything Nikolaev Zoo offers you should spend there for about 2 or even 3 hours but this time will be really exciting. Seeing the way peacock straightens its tail is really great as well as hearing the monkeys’ family quarrels. Friendly elephant will also present you a smile if you give it something tasty. Though, you should be careful while walking close to camels. Sometimes they are not in good spirits and they can simply spit at you. I also doubt you won’t be afraid when a lion will look closely at you. Frankly speaking you’ll be lucky if you see hippos. They prefer sleeping under the water. Who knows probably they are shy.

You’ll never get lost while walking along Nikolaev Zoo because it has a good navigation system. Saying this I mean signposts which point you in the right direction. So be attentive and you’ll see a lot. There is also the Museum of Nikolaev Zoo History for those of you who want to learn how this Zoo has been developing through years.

Nikolaev Zoo is a very nice place to visit especially in spring and summer when the grass and trees are green and the largest part of animals and birds are in their summer houses. I should confess winter time isn’t the best for you to visit Nikoalev Zoo. The animals are the same but they live in their winter houses so the smell isn’t very nice. Still you have a lot to see. So in a case you come to Nikolaev, Ukraine in winter I would also recommend you to see a great piece of nature located in the Nikolaev Zoo.

If you get tired while walking along Nikolaev Zoo you can either visit a café or find a cozy bench. Bright flowers, funny monuments and tall trees will help you relax. A small café situated in the Zoo won’t let you be hungry and thirsty.

The price for visiting Nikolaev Zoo is relatively low. Currently it’s for about $4 for an adult and $2 for a child. If you want to take some pictures you are welcomed!

Nikolaev Zoo has been numerously awarded for its achievements. It was the first Ukrainian Zoo which has become the member of WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums). It regularly accepts new animals, birds and fishes. Its collection is constantly growing and you’ll definitely enjoy seeing Zoo inhabitants and making pictures of them. I bet you’ll never regret visiting our Zoo because it offers a lot to see and hear. Hope this post was informative for you and you’ll have fun visiting Nikolaev Zoo.